About | Featured Artist | Marieli Delgado

About | Featured Artist | Marieli Delgado

MyLove4art is my personal online gallery of original art created by yours truly.  I have always loved art.  My mom says that ever since I was old enough to hold a pencil I have been drawing.  I remember watching cartoons as a kid, and when other kids would be falling back laughing at the funny stuff they were seeing, I would be quiet in my own world studying the lines of the characters so I could draw them myself later.  My favorite was Judy from The Jetsons, I loved that show.  I should probably do a collection based on that, it would be so cute... But anyway, one of my greatest influences I would have to say is my grandfather, Elias Rafael Delgado Castro.  He was a very well known artist in his hometown of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. 

Elias Rafael Delgado Castro, Dominican Artist

He was very much loved and admired for his artworks, and I felt like we had a special bond because we both loved art.  I remember him teaching me to paint when he would visit us when I was a little kid. He was stern but fair.   He built me my first easel.  He would always tell me that of all his grandchildren, he wanted me to have all of his belongings in his art studio someday when he was no longer here.  At the time I really did not understand the magnitude of what he was saying because I was very young, but now that I am older I can't believe how much he loved me.  An artist's studio and their tools are their most prized possessions...  and out of everybody, he wanted me to have them. I’m really not worthy, but the least I can do is use the tools he left me to paint and create art, and hopefully continue his legacy. 

So here I am continuing a legacy... I am a Dominican Artist, and it continues through my kids, who are learning from me, and loving art just as much as I do.  When I use his brushes I can feel his energy with me.  Would he be proud?  I think so...  Yeah, our styles are vastly different.  He was more classical with his easel and pallet, and I'm more street and spray paint, but I think he would get it... You know, because of our mutual love for art. 


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