First Impressions | Art Basel Miami Beach 2019

First Impressions | Art Basel Miami Beach 2019

Art Basel Miami Beach was bigger and better than ever.  Taking place at the beginning of December, people came together from all over the world to share their love for art.  Being that this is one, if not THE biggest art convention; it is no wonder why it is such a big deal.  This is an artists' chance to show off their blood, sweat, and tears to the masses.  For many artists, showing at Art Basel is the epitome of their entire career, which makes the show stopper of this year's event quite ironic.

Maurizio Cattelan's piece, titled Comedian; was the show stopper of this year's event.  For those who are not in the know, it was the banana ducked taped to the wall.  Yes, a real banana...  The banana caused “the Mona Lisa effect”, with the crowds of people wanting to get a look at the piece.  Your trip to Art Basel was not complete without a selfie with the freak'n banana.  The banana was eventually sold for the asking price of $120,000.  Cattelan then created two more banana pieces that immediately also sold.

Art Basel Miami Beach 2019

Being that this piece is my type of humor I immediately posted about it in social media, and the response was unpredictable.  People really did not think the piece "Comedian" was funny at all.  One girl asked me, “what does the banana with the tape mean?”  To that, I say “it’s art, it can mean whatever you want.”  Artists take it as a big slap in the face, everyone else is just confused, but between you and me I think it is amazing. It is a statement of the direction where art is going.  We live in a world where everything has been done.  We live in a world where you can duct-tape a banana to a wall and sell it for a million dollars. 

Go banana's, and check out the latest art trend 🍌 🍌 🍌

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