La Pichona

La Pichona

Today I would like to write about my painting "La Pichona".  Making this painting was a struggle, but like the saying goes, with struggle comes learning.  Even getting the canvas home was a mission... It is so big it couldn't fit in my car. This is the biggest painting I've ever done...  I actually had to tie the thing to the roof of my car...  But with a canvas this big, the possibles are endless and it was so exciting.

I wanted to paint something that I love.  I've always been inspired by time pieces... For example I binged watched the series "Rome" on Netflix.  I love to immerse  myself into the fashion, the architecture, and to get a little glimpse of what life was like long, long ago.  I was so sad when it was finished.  But then "Reign" came out with all it's medieval glory and I was happy again... until I finished that one too.  It's like getting a fun history lesson.

I like to transform myself too.  It's an escape.  I can be whatever I want to be, even if for a little bit until I have to comeback to reality.  I've transformed myself into so many people, and sometimes I capture it in my paintings.  It makes me feel beautiful.   With this particular piece I was inspired by Marie Antoinette.  I don't know why, but it just came to me.  She lived such a privileged and lavish life.  While everything outside her bubble was crumbling all around her, "let them eat cake" she said.  I also wanted to make something classy and different from my previous piece with its Hindu Goddess vibes. 

My paintings are a diary.  "Free bird" is one of my favorite songs, and on my 29th birthday I got a free bird tattooed on my wrist.  And all these years later, for this painting I knew I wanted her to be locked up in a birdcage.  I also knew that I wanted the keys dangling right in front of her.  On my birthday this year a beautiful, bright red cardinal came to visit me.  It just sat there right outside of my window.  I wonder who could that be?  It just sat there and looked at me for the longest time.  There are so many layers of meanings in this piece.  Layers and layers that as I describe it leads to another and it is just too much to write.  I am leaving out so much, but above all, I like to leave mystery and let people come up with their own interpretation.  That is one of my favorite aspects about art... hearing what people have to say.  It's amazing how people can see exactly what I wanted, and on that same token they can see something that you never ever, ever, ever, EVER thought of... it's a beautiful thing. 

Anyway, here I am painting this painting inspired by Marie Antoinette, the last queen of France before she was accused for high treason and executed via guillotine...  And then the fire happen.  On the 15th of April 2019, in the wee hours of the morning, a fire broke out beneath the roof of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.  Here I am sleeping while one of the most precious pieces of art in humanity was burning up in flames.  Multitudes of people gathered to watch the disaster while singing together the Ave Maria.  I had a dream that night, but I want to save that for another post. 

I'll also be posting any upcoming gallery shows in case you want to see this piece in person. 

bonne nuit mes amis...

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