The "Florida Grown" event at the Orlando Museum of Art was a great experience I was able to meet many local artist, and I was able to hang my paintings alongside them with other great famous artists.  I can now say that my work hung alongside with Chihuly at an art museum.  Pretty cool...

One of the highlights of the event was at the end when we where all taking down our works.  The artist who had his work hanging underneath mine asked me, "are those yours?" and I of course answered yes, and he said that everyone kept wanting to talk about my paintings.  He said that they wanted to talk about my paintings more than his own, especially the "Dead Mouse" one...  That's all people wanted to talk about.  He said that he was surprised that it hadn't been sold. I was so intimidated when I was there, and it turns out that my work was one of the most talked about.  I'm so proud of myself.  I will definitely be back at the Orlando Museum of Art.

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