My Snake Dream

So I believe it was sometime around my birthday not to long ago, I had a crazy vivid dream...  I had a dream with a black snake.  I wish I wrote some of this down so I could remember more details, but from what I remember I was at my brothers house with my kids and I found a black snake in the kitchen or something.  It seemed to be pretending it was dead.  I looked at the snake, and it started wilting and drying up... I felt bad for it so I got some water, and poured it over him.  I left the snake, and when I came back it was gone.  I was so worried it was going to bite the kids so I started looking around for him, and walking back and forth to checkup on the kids.   On one of those trips to check on the kids the snake came out from under a table, and bit me on the ankle.  

I remember waking, and I was still panicking... I remember sitting up in bed and looking over to one of my kids sleeping beside me, and seeing a giant spider crawling on their leg.  I remember smacking it with my hands, but it was just me hallucinating...  I kept smacking it, and there was nothing there.  I squinted and rubbed my eyes, and made sure there was nothing there...

I rarely ever dream like that... it was so real and so vivid.  I would like to think that it is god trying to send me a message.  I got my phone, and did some research on dream interpretation, and what snakes represent.  There is so much out there... For example according to Freud the snake is phallic (leave it to Freud), meaning it is a symbol of temptation.  It also represents mystery, fear, negativity, and evilness. It also depends on culture because some view snakes as a positive symbol of rebirth by how they shed their skin and become new. But the snake bit me, and that imagery in dreams serves as a precious warning or wake up call regarding your waking life...  

so that’s my snake dream.  I thank god for the message, and I hope and pray that god helps me find my path to get me where I need to be.  I truly believe that I can achieve this through my art because I believe that’s what God put me here to do.  I see each day as a gift, and I thank god for the miracle that I am still here.  I wish I could provide a drawing of the snake in my dream, but unfortunately I currently do not have the peace of mind for me to be able to sit down and draw, but I hope and pray that I will soon.   I will find something on google as close as possible though, I’m sure it’s out there.   

Nite, nite Everyone... sweet dreams X

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