The leaves are vibrant, the sun is out, and there is a nice fresh crisp in the air.  Enough of me trying to be a poet, lets get down to the niddy griddy... Shipments have been sent out for The April Art Subscription.  Thank you to everyone that has subscribed, it means so much to me.  This month's art subscription features a little caged canary.  Canary's are the most melodical of all the birds.  They are so beautiful, its such a shame to have it stuck in a cage...  But if you look closely there is an opening, but it doesn't even know... 

It is not too late, to join THE ART SUBSCRIPTION click here.

  • Exclusive for THE ART SUBSCRIPTION
  • Approx. 9x12"
  • Deluxe Museum Archival Prints
  • Edition of 130
  • Signed, numbered, and hand embellished with glitter

Enjoy complimentary shipping worldwide.

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